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Sara Waisglass is a fabulous Actress, Model & Screenwriter from Canada. She has been in the Entertainment Industry since her Childhood.

Brands Endorsed by Sara Waisglass

She has been seen promoting brands like - Tiffany & Co. Fabletics & many more ...

Sara's Income per Sitcom Episode is around $ 10K – 40K which is equivalent to ₹ 7 - 30 Lakhs in Indian Rupees.

Facts about Sara Waisglass

Facts about Sara Waisglass

Sara's first introduction in the Entertainment Industry was in 2007, when she was in 'The Jane Show' in the episode 'It's All Relative'.

Sara is also a Published Poet. Her book 'The Art of Breaking Glass' of poetry was published in 2016.

Facts about Sara Waisglass

Sara wanted to be an Actor from an early age & she acquired skills from her Mother who is in the same Industry. Sara worked hard to be who she is today, has won awards & is very successful.

2018 - $ 2 Million  2019 - $ 2.5 Million  2020 - $ 3 Million  2021 - $ 3.5 Million 2022 - $ 4 Million (₹ 29+ Crores )

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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