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Neha Pendse is a very well known Actress since her childhood and works in Music Videos, Movies, TV Shows & Advertisements 

Brands Endorsed by Neha Pendse

She has been seen promoting brands like - Safee Carefree Joyalukkas Fem & many more ...

Facts about Neha Pendse

Neha Pendse has been a part of Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam Films

Facts about Neha Pendse

Neha Pendse's Yearly Income accounts to around a whopping  ₹ 4.2+ Crores.  Click ahead to check her Total Net Worth 

Latest News

Neha Pendse is leaving the show 'Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai' for the reason that she did not like how her character is portrayed.

Neha Pendse was always inclined towards dancing and acting from her childhood and she pursued it with hard work and dedication and is now highly successful in her career.

2018 - $ 3 Million 2019 - $ 3.6 Million 2020 - $ 4 Million 2021 -  $ 4.5 Million 2022 - $ 5 Million

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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