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Leander Paes is a talented professional Tennis Player from India and has won Awards & Matches in many tournaments

Brands Endorsed by Leander Paes

He has been seen promoting brands like - Zee5 Thums Up  & many more ...

- Bronze Medal in Olympics of 1996 - Grand Slam titles won  18+ times - Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

Acheivements of Leander Paes

Facts about Leander Paes

Leander Paes is the First Indian to win an Individual Medel in Olympics for Tennis, which was in the year 1996.

Both his parents were  Sports Players. His father was Indian Hockey Midfeilder & his mother was Captain of the Indian National Basketball Team.

Facts about Leander Paes

Leander Paes has been through many ups & downs in his career but never gave up. He won important awards like Padma Bhushan & Padmashri. He is now one of the Best Tennis Players.

2018 - $ 8.1 Million  2019 - $ 8.3 Million  2020 - $ 8.5 Million  2021 - $ 8.7 Million 2022 - $ 9+ Million (₹ 66+ Crores )

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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