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Ihana Dhillon is an amazing Actress from the Hindi & Punjabi industry. She is also a beautiful Model and an Entrepreneur.

Brands Endorsed by Ihana Dhillon

She has been seen promoting brands like - Maruti Suzuki Microsoft Samsung Phillips & many more ...

Ihana was spotted by a Modelling Agency when she was working in Atlanta in the 'Hotel Crown Plaza'. 

Facts about Ihana Dhillon

Facts about Ihana Dhillon 

Ihana Dhillon is the Founder of 'Art Glam Studio' from Chandigarh, which is about Nails, Makeup, Hair & Tattoo.

Facts about Ihana Dhillon

Before the FIlm Industry, Ihana was titled towards the education and degrees of Hotel Management & Tourism & Management.

Ihana Dhillon was working in a Hotel when a modelling agency approched her. Since then, she has been into many movies, advertisements, shorts films and in overall very successful in her career.

2018 - ₹ 1+ Crores  2019 - ₹ 3+ Crores  2020 - ₹ 4.5+ Crores  2021 -  ₹ 6+ Crores  2022 - ₹ 7.5+ Crores  ($ 1+ Million)

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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