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Harshad Metha was a very well known Stockbroker from India. He was also called as the 'Big Bull'. His part in the 1992 Indian Securities Scam made him a Market Manipulator.

Facts about Harshad Mehta

In the start, he worked by selling hoisery, cement & sorting diamonds, all of which were relating to Sales.

Facts about Harshad Mehta

He then worked in New India Assurance Company Limited as Salesperson where he developed interest in Stock Market

Facts about Harshad Mehta

He was under 27 Criminal Charges, some of which are - $ 1.5 billion Scam in Bombay Stock Exchange  - 1992 Scam of total  ₹ 4025 crores 

Facts about Harshad Mehta

He died of a Heart Attack after being in criminal trial for 9 years in 2001

From 1986, he started investing in the Stock Market. By 1990, he became so experienced  that the media including popular business magazines referred to him as "Amitabh Bachchan of the Stock Market".

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