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Gautam Kitchlu is a hard working Entrepreneur and a Businessman. He runs Interior Designs companies of 'The Elephant Company' & 'Discern Living'.

Companies  Gautam Kitchlu Worked With / For

Merrill Lynch Company Tracon Exports KPMG Fab Furnish He founded - The Elephant Company Discern Living

Gautam Kitchlu and  Kajal Agarwal had Broken up but stayed friends for  7 Years before their Marriage in 2020

Facts about Gautam Kitchlu

Gautam Kitchlu's Income per Project is estimated to be around a whopping amount of  ₹ 70+ Lakh which is equivalent to $ 92 K in USD

Facts about Gautam Kitchlu

Educaitonal Qualifications of Gautam Kitchlu

– Bachelor of Arts in Economic – Textile Development & Marketing – MBA

Through years of hard work, Gautam Kitchlu worked in many companies and is now successful with his own Businesses as the Founder of Two well established Companies.

2018 - $ 5 Million   2019 - $ 5.7 Million   2020 - $ 6.4 Million   2021 -  $ 7.3 Million   2022 - $ 8 Million   (₹ 60+ Crores) 

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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