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Aditya Sawant, also famously known as Dynamo Gaming, is responsible for creating one of the most popular gaming channels in India.

Brands Endorsed by Dynamo Gaming

He has been seen promoting brands llike Lamborghini, Asus and OnePlus

Facts about Dynamo Gaming

From childhood, Aditya used his Rs. 5 / day pocket money to enjoy playing games in game parlour instead of having breakfast.

Facts about Dynamo Gaming

For 5 years until 2015, Dynamo didnt even have 100 viewers, but his numbers changed after the release of the game PUBG in 2015.

Latest News

Dynamo Gaming ranks in the Top 5 biggest Gamers on YouTube from India, with 9.14 Million Subscribers.

Dynamo spent 5-6 years struggling to make his channel huge and went through many controversies in that period, but he is finally at a stage where he has a successful channel in the Top 5!

2018 - $ 600K 2019 - $ 1 Million  2020 - $ 1.4 Million 2021 -  $ 1.8 Million 2022 - $ 2.8 Million

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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