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Divyabharathi is an amazingly talented Actress and Model from India and she mainly works in the  Tamil Film Industry.

Facts about Divyabharathi

She is very much interested in Photography and Travelling. She also has a Buddha Tattoo on her back.

Facts about Divyabharathi

She has won titles of  Popular New Face Model Princess of Coimbatore 2016

Facts about Divyabharathi

Her debut film was 'Bachelor' & she played the role of Subbulakshi with G. V. Prakash Kumar. 

Her Income per Movie is approximately about  ₹ 40+ Lakhs and Income per Episode is around the amount of ₹ 40K .

Facts about Divyabharathi

2018- $ 700 K 2019 - $ 1 Million 2020 - $ 1.3 Million 2021 - $ 1.6 Million 2022 - SWIPE UP TO CHECK !

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

Divyabharathi was always interested in Acting and Modelling and she was a part of many Modelling events. Finally in 2021, her debut movie was made and also an upcoming movie in the year 2022 - 'Ishq'

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