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Bige Önal is a Beautiful and Talented Actress from Turkey. She is popularly known for Bozkir which is a Turkish Series. 

Brands Endorsed by Bige Önal 

She has been seen promoting brands like - Orkid Cutie Cake Co & many more ...

Facts about Bige Önal

Her career in the Entertainment Industry began with shows - 'Kısmetim Otel' &  'Elde Var Hayat'

Facts about Bige Önal 

Bige's Income per Episode is approximately around  $ 1000-1500 which is equivalent to  ₹ 1+ Lakhs. 

Out of many hobbies of Bige, she mostly loves to play Guitar, read Books and Travel.

Facts about Bige Önal

Bige Önal is one of the top talented Actresses from Istanbul, Turkey. She has worked hard in about 14 TV Series and 2 Films with great dedication. Learn more!

2018 - $ 300 K  2019 - $ 660 K  2020 - $ 960 K  2021 - $ 1.3 Million 2022 - $ 1.5 Million (₹ 11.2+ Crores )

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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