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B Praak is a very well known Punjabi Singer, Composer & Director. He also sings in Hindi. Some of his hits are 'Teri Mitti', 'Mann Bharryaa' & 'Filhall'. 

Brands Endorsed by B Praak

He has been seen promoting brands like - Louis Vuitton LouBoutin Zara Burberry Teacher's Scotch Whiskey  & many more ...

Facts about B Praak

B Praak's name is Pratik Bachan & he is the son of Varinder Bachan, who is a famous music composer & producer (Chandigarh Kare Ashiqui

Facts about B Praak

B Praak wants to grow his career in the Music Industry not just in Bollywood, but in Hollywood as well.

Latest News

New song which is to be released by B Praak is starring Emraan Hashmi and Sahher Bambba. The song is yet to be titled.

B Praak from his childhood wanted to go in the music industry. He used to take part in singing competitions, beatboxing and also took a graduation course in music.

2018 - $ 1.3 Million 2019 - $ 2 Million 2020 - $ 2.7 Million 2021 -  $ 3.5 Million 2022 - $ 4 Million  (₹ 28+ Crores) 

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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