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Anna Shumate is a talented Content Creator and a Social Media Influencer from America. She is famous for her content on TikTok.

Facts about Anna Shumate

She has always loved playing Football, Photography and also Fishing & her Major was in Communications.

Facts about Anna Shumate

She has now joined the 'TikTok Collective Top Talent House' and 'Top Talent L.A. Management'. 

Facts about Anna Shumate 

Anna's Income per Sponsored Post is up to an approximate amount of ₹ 2 – 3 Lakhs, which is equal to $ 3-4 K.

Anna also earns from her own Merchandise Store, which has Cases, Phone Accessories, Clothes, Books, Hats / Beanies, Hoodies and more.

Facts about Anna Shumate

Anna started TikTok as a joke with her friends and started getting tremendous attention for her content. She later started making variety of videos and is working hard to achieve great success.

2020 - $ 300 K 2021 - $ 700 K 2022 - $ 1 Million (₹ 7.5+ Crores )

Net Worth Trend of Last 3 Years

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