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Amit Bhadana is a YouTuber, Singer and is well known for his content and comic rhymes in his videos. He directs and scripts his own videos.

Facts about Amit Bhadana

He was mentioned as 'Most Popular Indian YouTubers' in 2021 & also as 'Richest YouTubers 2021

Facts about Amit Bhadana

Estimated Yearly Income of Amit Bhadana is of a whopping amount of  ₹ 6.5 Crores.

Facts about Amit Bhadana 

His highest record on views in one day is of - YouTube - 9 Million Views Facebook - 7 Million Views

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Annual Income of this YoutTuber in 2021 was more than CTC of many CEOs. Click ahead to see Amit Bhadana's Net Worth of 2022.

Amit started creating comedy content on YouTube after his video from Dubsmash went viral in his second year of graduation, and now he has acheieved success in YouTube.

2018 - $ 3.9 Million 2019 - $ 4.6 Million 2020 - $ 5.3 Million 2021 -  $ 5.9 Million 2022 - $ 6.5 Million (₹ 47+ Crores )

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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