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Abhishek Upmanyu is one of the funniest Stand-Up Comedians from India and also a successful YouTuber.

Sources of Income of Abhishek Upmanyu

- YouTube - Comedy Shows - Scriptwriting - Partnership Programs - Investments

At the start of his career, Abhishek worked as a Writer for 'All India Bakchod (AIB)' 

Facts about Abhishek Upmanyu

Facts about Abhishek Upmanyu

Abhishek's Income per Project is approximately around ₹ 10+ Lakhs which is equivalent to $ 13 K.

Abhishek got a tattoo of his favorite dish 'Dal Makhani' written in Hindi and in his own handwriting.

Facts about Abhishek Upmanyu

Abhishek used to work in many Companies as a Chemical Engineer, but eventually he started doing something he enjoyed - Stand-Up and is very successful now and does many National & International Shows.

2018 - ₹ 2+ Crores  2019 - ₹ 4.62+ Crores  2020 - ₹ 5.58+ Crores  2021 - ₹ 6.54+ Crores 2022 - ₹ 7.5+ Crores  ($ 1 Million)

Net Worth Trend of Last 5 Years

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