From Hobby and Passion To a Part Time Profession

Hello Guys

I am the Founder, Owner and Author of the blog “TrippleZeroBillionaires“.

I am a student from India and happen to studying in the Philippines.

Currently, I am living my life to the fullest while still working on myself and making myself a better human being.

I’m from India and I’ve always been a bright but one of the most introvert person from the whole school.

But over the time,

I always pushed myself to go off limits and always achieve higher in everything i ever faced.


One of the major thing, which I noticed about myself from my childhood is that, despite of having and going through problems, one thing which always used to interest me and people used to appreciate me for that is:

I was/am very good at motivating other people and help them achieve higher.

Apart from that,

I always have observed the things around me very carefully.

So, if I have something in me, which interest me and also helps other people, then why should I not do that more often?

So, this is the reason why I started this blog “TrippleZeroBillionaires“, which covers extensive information and successful Biographies, Net Worth, Success Stories and Self Help articles and what not?!

If you’re the one who needs a little bit of motivation and a little push in whatever you want to achieve in your life, then this is the blog you all need !!

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